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Island Mountain Pat is one of Nashville's most down to earth prolific singer songwriters.

His music has been featured on a 1000 radio stations around the world. As of 2-26-14 his independent website has over 1,000,000 views and his Youtube channel over 675,000 views from his 450 + videos. BEACHES, BOATS & BABES is Pat's 7th album of which he co produced with Danny Parks one of Nashville's most skilled studio muiti instrumentalists. Although Pat's style is based in COUNTRY music, he has recorded music in the following categories: Americana, alternative-pop-rock, jazz, folk, easy listening. This album is a mix of all styles.

He remembers listening and singing John Denver, Donnie Osmond, Bobby Goldsboro songs at 6 years old and usually could be found as a youngster with his head resting on the record player, sometimes to the point of being "sound" a sleep. He was later inspired by James Taylor, Merle Haggard, Sting, the Eagles, Jimmy Buffet and many other American Icons. He started formal music education in the forth grade playing trumpet and by the seventh grade he was playing guitar and singing on stage at shows with an audience of 2000 plus. Pat later studied music at the junior college level and continued his training by attending the legendary Pete Luboff's songwriting workshops at The National Academy of Songwriters for 2.5 years in Los Angeles. While hosting/singing Karaoke for over 12 years and detailing cars, planes, and boats he earned a Bachelors degree in Health Science and teaching credential.

While teaching health in the public schools he remembers one of his African American students in particular saying, "Mr. Riley, you can sing, man you should be a singer, not a teacher" Well, fortunately Pat has taken her advice and returned to doing what he loves most, writing, performing an recording with some of the best players in the world.

His goal remains the same: to have several songs become part of the popular music culture and TOUR the world sharing his music. Since Pat has decided not to have any children, his songs are like his children.

Mr. Patrick John Denver Riley aka Island Mountain Pat is not shy and believes most of his music is a divine gift meant to be shared. 

Trivia: Island Mountain Pat is a naturalist, loves animals, traveling, family, friends, and playing most sports................ and he really loves surfing and swimming.

Hopefully his music will find a wonderful space in your life. Peace, Love, & Sandy Feet.



Pat Riley

825 Long Branch Rd 

Lancaster TN 38569

615 397-0297


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